My Story (Well, some of it)

We all have moments in our lives that, on a big level, define who we are. Something that shifted our lives in a big way. The biggest shifts in my life have come on two major occasions: My mother’s death, and my first yoga class.
My mother passed away when I was 8 years old. When she was alive I felt like I had all the answers, and everything seemed to be laid out for me, but after she passed, I spent a lot of years wondering why that had to happen, as well as figure out how to lay things out on my own. I was a total mama’s boy, and her passing threw me out into the world with lots of resentment, entitlement, and feelings of “not enough.”  I moved around a lot. I changed school a lot, and especially in my later teen years, grew up with a lot of family financial struggles. I spent a lot of time wondering why I had to go through this when a lot my friends seem to have healthy families and stable homes. I grew to be a very passionate and motivated person, but I never knew how these challenges fit into my overall puzzle of life. I never understood why my motivation wasn’t consistent. I continually worked harder at the job that I had, but always ended up feeling burned out because I felt stuck with no purpose. I always found myself resisting my challenges because I always felt like they had no place in my growth, but when I stepped into my first yoga class, I loved it right from the start, and knew that I’d want it to be a part of my life for a long time. The wholesome philosophy of yoga eventually helped me to shed light on what was holding me back so I could stay consistent in the pursuit of my dreams, and feel comfortable in my own skin to do so.

“I never knew how my challenges fit into my overall puzzle of life. Growth seemed like a mystery. And I didn’t understand that there were STEPS.”
Mystery – (noun) anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown

 Enter Yoga Teacher Training.
After taking class for a few months, I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training. But even as I went through training, I couldn’t make sense of the information from the program. It seemed so mystical and confusing. I wanted to know how could I actually apply this stuff in a fast paced world that was constantly telling me that I wasn’t enough. I wanted to figure out how I could use yoga as a way to solve the problems of TODAY.  I felt like I was saying and doing things that weren’t ACTUALLY changing anything in my life, even though I wished and hoped it would. So I started to dig deeper in my understanding of yoga, and apply it to the problems that I was facing.

“I felt like I was saying and doing things that weren’t ACTUALLY changing anything, at least in my life, even though I WISHED it would.”
Wishful Thinking – (noun) – interpretation of facts, actions, words, etc., as one would like them to be rather than as they really are; imagining as actual what is not

 In 2013, I began teaching yoga, and started to face the reality of everything that I felt from the “lost years” after my mother’s passing, because I quit my then stable job to chase my dream of doing what I loved. I was broke, owed people money, had A LOT of debt, and was BARELY making ends meet. I used my teaching as a way to help me through those problems by theming my classes around what I was going through at the time. I didn’t realize how much I was using yoga philosophy to work through my toughest battles. Throughout that tough year, yoga philosophy changed my life and gave me necessary tools to embrace my inner leader. It continues to help me clarify my purpose in life.  Since teaching yoga, I have changed my entire perspective on life, and made some SERIOUS changes, and it has illuminated my purpose of using yoga as a way to overcome challenge, solve problems, ENJOY life, and find CONSISTENT growth.

“Yoga gives me the tools to embrace my inner leader. It helped me to clarify my purpose in life.”
Clarify – (verb) – to make (an idea, statement, etc.) clear or intelligible; to free from ambiguity.

I am extremely passionate about helping myself and others find clarity and their ‘aha’ moments through continuing to clarify yoga. I want to help others apply yoga to their lives TODAY, just like I did. Yoga has so much potential to change the way that we perceive our world, because it is a system that kicks us into mindful ACTION. It allows us to accomplish our greatest ideas, and find the freedom to CONTINUE TO GROW from our obstacles, bringing us CONTINUOUS GROWTH, CONFIDENCE, AND HAPPINESS.
What drives you?

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