My Guide to Staying On Point (Especially Right Now)

By |D’Andre Clayton

(3 minute read)

I constantly wake up with a million things on my mind. When you add to that scrolling social media for an hour upon waking up, by the time I scroll through my entire timeline (usually twice if I’m really comfortable), my brain has already been overloaded with information, memes, political arguments, and how-to’s.  Some stuff is inspiring, some stuff not so much, but it’s A LOT. Often I end up scrolling until the last possible minute that I can, only to leave my apartment in a rush and flustered to start my day. Even though I pride myself on being able to adapt and teach solid classes and workshops and live life in this state, I’m truly understanding that is NOT optimal. Sure, I can GET THROUGH the day like this, but then I’m selling myself short on my true potential and fun of life.  Does this resonate with you on some level?

The problem with this is that I’m not priming my body and my mind to thrive in my day. By waking up and scrolling social media, I’m taking in other people’s energy before I have assessed mine. By rushing out the door I’m not setting any sort of intention for the day or even clear about what I want, or how to make it happen.

In a world where 100044847595 things are pulling at our attention, I paused and started asking myself the following questions:

  • How can we stay focused on what we want?
  • How can we feel good, inspired, and excited every day, vs. tired and frustrated?
  • How can we be more in tune with how we feel instead of ignore it?
  • How do we continually GROW and move toward something bigger?

I also realized that constantly being stressed is a red flag that we need to assess. That we need to be grounded into what’s taking us out of focus, and re-focus. There’s a reason why we FEEL good when we are in a position to DO. When we feel tired, hopeless, and uninspired, it’s a lot harder to do life, let alone enjoy it. When we are aware of how we feel, we can take necessary steps to feel and stay at our best. When we are connected to what we LOVE, we can make time for it.

Journaling has been keeping me on point (especially at this time). It is giving me a chance to be in touch with how I feel, what I want, how to get it done, as well as what ideas I can start developing, how I can express myself and how I will go about my day. Here are 7 chakra mediation questions that I’ve been asking myself and journaling on every day. For more information on chakras, tap here.

  • What am I grateful to HAVE today, and why?
  • How do I feel today, and what do I want? Why?
  • What are three things that I can DO  today about how I feel, and what I want? 
  • What are 3 things that I LOVE about life, and what is one thing that I can open myself up to that I don’t understand?
  • What are 3 ways I can express myself, feelings, and/or love today?
  • What results do I envision my day to lead me towards? What is my purpose today?
  • What is one idea that I have and how can I bring that to life today?

By starting my day off like this, I’m better able to dissect how I feel and direct my energy toward my purpose, vs. it getting lost in the tons of information that is thrown at my every day. It helps me to remain inspired and excited, and I can visualize how I will handle obstacles as they come. I’m as equipped as I can be to start each day, and even on the days where I don’t feel 100%, I’m able to do what I need to restore B A L A N C E. And balance means CONSISTENT power, confidence, and enjoyment.

What makes you feel on point and at your best, do more of that.

Stay Strong.

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