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Energy Makes The World Go Round

Our body and mind are powered by energy. Energy is what moves us, gets us out of bed every day, gives us ideas & feelings, and is what connects me to you. Energy is what makes life happen. The momentum of energy is what makes something stronger, and is the reason why when we have energy, we think clearly, we feel better, and our ability to handle obstacles increase.

[Chakra Balancing is like Energetic-Body Building.]

When you look at bodybuilders, you see that they work and train every muscle group. If they were to just work on one muscle group, they wouldn’t look as balanced. Sure, you could work one muscle group only, but then there’s no way you could win a body building competition, because the judges look at the whole body, and how well you’ve trained the entire muscular system. (and you’re more likely to get injured, but because other muscle groups weaken at the expense of focusing your energy on that one muscle group.)

In order for us to enjoy life, yet evolve and grow, it is easier if our system of energy is balanced. We have to be present and grateful for what we have, feel passionate, have a strong will, be open to the unknown and have great relationships, communicate and resonate with others, have a higher vision and imagination, and be able to effectively process information and form strong beliefs. If we are not balanced, then we feel stuck in the past or anxious for the future. Maybe you feel like your emotions run you and you have no will-power. Maybe you have a great idea but you can’t execute it. Maybe you have awesome will-power, but fail to work well with others. This is your system of energy that dictates the results that you get in life and your overall happiness – The Chakra System.


“Your energy dictates the results that you get in life and your overall happiness.”

Happiness (noun) – good fortune, pleasure, contentment, joy

Since I’ve learned about the Chakra system, I’ve been OBSESSED with it, because, like you probably have, I’ve been lost in the millions of bits of information that enters my brain. Sometimes I feel motivated, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I want to kick into action, but don’t know where to start. Sometimes I feel like I have meaning and purpose in my life, and sometimes I don’t. One day I’m completely present and grateful, and other days I feel crazily anxious. The chakra system is LITERALLY a guide to keep you in check, to understand your energy. It is a guide to help you process your energy, and assimilate it in the right direction. It is a guide to keep you CENTERED. And when we’re centered, we’re in a position to truly live, and to move toward a purpose with more ease.

“The chakra system is a guide to help you process your energy, and assimilate it in the right direction. It is a guide to keep you CENTERED.”

Centered – (noun) to come to a focus; converge; concentrate

Chakras are energetic muscles.

A chakra (meaning ” wheel”) is an energy center of consciousness. You can think of them as categories of human awareness, or “parts” of your “energetic body” that you can develop, like muscles groups. Just like developing the body,  there is a range of “energetic muscles” we can develop as humans: like survival and presence, powerful emotion & passion,  will-power and self-confidence, love, resonation & connection with others, imagination & visions, and ideas & aha moments.

Chakras represent the spectrum of “energetic muscles that we operate from as humans. Although it has been said that there are a number of different Chakras (and minor ones), they are generally narrowed down to SEVEN major ones.

Muscle – (noun) a tissue composed of cells, or fibers, the contraction of which produces movement in the body. 

The SEVEN major chakras are:
Root Chakra – Presence, Survival, Gratitude
Sacral Chakra – Feelings, Emotions, Desires
Solar Plexus Chakra – Power, Will, Self-Esteem
Heart Chakra – Unconditional Love, Openness to others
Throat Chakra – Communication & Resonation
Third Eye Chakra – Vision, Imagination, Intuition
Crown Chakra – Ideas, Understanding, Pure Consciousness

There are many characteristics of each chakra, including both physical & mental characteristics, locations in the body, colors, body & mind functions, and more, and each one represents a part of the whole system. No ONE works without the other and they are all affected by each other. Chakras are your organization system, or your energetic “muscle” that keep you moving in a particular direction. Knowledge of chakras can allow us to navigate the world more easily because we can better organize and understand all the different parts of ourselves. When we understand how we work, we can better move toward that which makes us FEEL our best, enjoy life, and execute on our biggest dreams.

“Knowledge of our chakras can allow us to navigate the world more easily because we can better organize and understand all the different parts of ourselves.”

 Organize – (verb) to form as or into a whole consisting of interdependent or coordinated parts, especially for UNITED ACTION.

For so long, I’ve been lost as to what my purpose is, and I’ve felt trapped in my own feelings and situations. What I didn’t know is that I just didn’t understand myself and why I felt lost and depressed. (To read more on my story, tap here). Because the Chakra system gives me a sense of balance as how to manage and strengthen my energy, I’ve been able to enjoy the process of life more, as well as find, and move toward a PURPOSE. The power behind my teaching, and every decision I make is based on these categories of energetic muscle.

Chakra|Strong is what I’ve chosen to name this movement of creating environments and tools to inspire myself and others further understand ourselves, so that we can all be rooted in our purpose, feel strong and focused, enjoy life, and execute on our purpose. When we can do all of this, we feel centered and whole, and can leave a serious positive footprint in this world.

The ChakraStrong movement will include classes, workshops, events, retreats, clothing, bootcamps, and trainings, all powered to making us connect our absolute BEST energy and I’m very excited to lead this movement.

If you haven’t followed me on social (links on front page), this is where you can keep up with me and the Chakra|Strong movement.

This is to making this world a place of strong, happy, passionate people..

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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