3 Reasons Why Fear is a Good Thing

I occasionally daydream about about how happy I feel in my life, and life isn’t necessarily picture perfect. I’m nowhere near where I want to be financially. I’m in the middle of building a business where I’m constantly stressed about making ends meet or people coming to my workshops. I’m handling past personal issues that have set me back tremendously. I don’t have a car. But I feel happy, sometimes even extremely euphoric.

“But I feel happy, sometimes even extremely euphoric.”

Euphoric – (adj) Intensely happy or confident

Why am I more happy? Because I FEEL in line with my vision. I FEEL as though I have momentum of putting solid pieces of my puzzle together, adding to a clean and clear picture. My perspective has shifted to a definite understanding that my FEELINGS play a big role in the directions that I choose to move in. Even when I find myself feeling afraid of moving in a particular direction, I understand fear’s role in moving me to new levels. This brings me to my next point:
WE FEEL FEAR FOR A REASON, and it is a major gateway to serious change. When we understand that fear has it’s place in our growth, it becomes easier to accept and even embrace it. ACCEPTANCE MEANS CHANGE. Curiosity about feelings vs. resistance means you start to learn things about yourself. Life is meant to be an evolutionary process, and we’re meant to continue shedding old experiences to accept new experiences, and our FEELINGS are how we know it’s time to move forward.

“When we understand that fear has it’s place in our growth, it becomes easier to accept and even embrace it. ACCEPTANCE MEANS CHANGE.”

Acceptance – (noun) The act of taking or receiving something offered


I stumbled upon this concept on accident when I left a pretty stable job to chase my dreams. In the 3+ years I’ve been teaching yoga, I’ve had the most growth BECA– USE I’ve been constantly challenged to grow. All of the traits and habits that have made me grow tremendously were born under shitty circumstances, when I felt fearful, BUT accepted and  CONTINUED through it.
Fear is what we feel right before a breakthrough. When we have breakthroughs, we gain confidence. When we have confidence, we expand our internal range of happiness.

“Fear is what we feel right before a breakthrough”

Breakthrough – (noun) Any significant or sudden advance, development, achievement, or increase that removes a barrier to progress

3 Reasons why FEAR is a good thing 

1.) It tells you that there is something you need to process.
  • Thank GOD for feelings. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to navigate our way through this world. Our feelings let us know if what we’re doing is right or wrong for us. And fear is an indicator that we are expanding our edge. Fear means our “old self” is being challenged to step up to something new.
2.) It exists to uplift you.
  • Pleasurable feelings, although they are what we live for, can also be misleading. It can mean that we’re in our comfort zone. When we feel scared, it just means our ego(what we currently know of the world) is challenged. Fear humbles us into seeing that there is more to learn, and that we aren’t meant to STAY comfortable. Eventually, what once made you fearful, will feel good!
3.) On the other side of FEAR is a BREAKTHROUGH.
  • If we stay in the situation and work with it, GROWTH is on the other side. There is always a new lesson or skill that we learn. Everything that you ARE currently is the result of you facing fear or nervousness of doing something for the first time, and here you are! Things feel more scary when we are meant to have bigger breakthroughs.
When we consciously understand how fear works, we can utilize it, runs towards it, and see that our fear is FOR us, not against us.
Own your fear. Have a breakthrough. Have a bunch of em.
If you are interested in talking about fear and emotions, I’ll be hosting a Yoga Handstands for Beginners workshop where we will discuss fear in greater detail, adjust our perspective of it, and discuss ways to use it to have breakthroughs. Tap here for more information. 

Stay humble, Stay Growing,

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