3 Hidden Things that Make Life Harder Than It has To Be

In this blog, we will discuss beliefs, imagination, and purpose, and how they play a major role in life. We will talk about why they are so important, and why, if we are unaware of them, they can make life more challenging. We will discuss how we can increase our awareness of using them, and review some options for solutions!

Isn’t it insane how we can actually see images inside our heads? I’ve been really interested in imagination lately, because I’ve realized how much my lack of vivid imagination, and my lack of practice of it has kept me behind in my life. I’ve been thinking of life as a puzzle: There is a bigger picture that is waiting to be pieced together, and it’s up to our imagination to put it together in a way that FEELS (on the inside) right for us.

The intention behind our actions that piece together our life puzzle are guided by our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and judgements, and a very interesting fact is that sometimes these beliefs and thoughts can be input into our psyche from OTHER sources. This would explain why we may do things that don’t FEEL right in our gut, yet continue to do them.

I spend a lot of time thinking about my transition into my yoga teaching journey from my previous job. When I was at my old job for years, even though I was TOLD that it was a good job and I was lucky to have it, it didn’t FEEL right. I often daydreamed of different careers (and even tried other things while working 40 hours a aweek) where I felt fulfilled, successful, and like I was making a difference according to what I felt was my purpose. Eventually, that image of doing something else came to manifest when I left the job to pursue my passion.

“If you hold an image in your mind long enough, eventually it will start to manifest.”

Manifest – (verb) To prove: put beyond doubt or questions

In the Chakra System, which is the energetic system of consciousness that governs us, this concept is tied to Chakra Six, or the Third Eye Chakra. It controls our imagination, dreams, intuition, and INNER vision. I love the sanskrit for this word, “ajna,” which means to “command” or “perceive.” This means that it’s not just what we take in with our eyes that’s important, it’s how we internalize it to UNDERSTAND it. Our higher, inner vision, or imagination is how we can look at a situation, much deeper than face value. It was why I daydreamed about my days beyond my previous job. The perceptions that we have about both what we see and what we mentally understand about what we see, both internally and externally, COMMAND the reality that unfolds for us!

“What we perceive both internally and externally COMMANDS the reality that unfolds.”

Command – (verb) To have or exercise authority or control over; be master of

Can you SEE?

Technically, our eyes don’t determine what an object is. Light is absorbed through them, and it’s actually your brain that determines what that object is, with perception of space. In order for our brain to remember what we perceive it is, we assign it a symbol. For example, If I put a chair in front of you, the light refracted from that chair enters your eyes and your brain, based on spacial recognition, determines the shape. Because you’ve been told that the shape of a chair represents something that you sit on, that’s what we see it as, and when that particular light and space pattern enters the eyes, the brain remembers, “that’s a chair.”

Situations exist just like this. When we experience a particular situation, what we believe to be true about it or our PERCEPTION of it is what our brain determines it is. And then, being creatures of manifestation, we begin to make it happen in our external world. When I worked my previous job, i BELIEVED that I was meant to do something else, and so my PERSPECTIVE of the job was differently than other people who loved the job. Even when I saw the benefits and perks on paper, it wasn’t enough change my perception of it. The image in my head of doing other things started to come to life by me resisting work, getting in trouble, not being able to keep motivation, until I eventually left the job on a whim. What you hold in your brain, eventually manifests

Our purpose and inner vision is the driving force of what happens in our external world. The physical world is a representation of what we experience internally, which makes our inner world VERY important. Our internal world consists of things such beliefs that we have (both conscious and unconscious beliefs), what we believe is our purpose, and our ability to connect with our inner world.

“Our purpose and inner vision is the driving force of what happens in our external world.”

Purpose – (noun) the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. 

Subconscious beliefs

For so long I’ve been trying to accomplish goals with conflicting beliefs such as: “I’m not deserving of success because I didn’t go to college,” or “you shouldn’t charge for yoga,” or “to make a lot money is being greedy,” or “the world is fucked up so why try?” Of course, these beliefs are what made me broke, bitter, and stuck (even while still motivated, but it was competing with those beliefs). And it kept me there for quite a while, even dug me into a lot of holes that I’m still trying to fix today. It wasn’t until my beliefs started to change that my purpose started to come to fruition.

“It wasn’t until my beliefs started to change that my purpose started to come to fruition.”

Belief – (noun) confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof


We can think of beliefs as our soil to our garden of harvested produce. If the soil is wholesome and healthy, our produce will be great, it’ll taste great, and will be nutrient dense. If it is not, it won’t. The same concept applies with our thoughts and beliefs. If what we believe is healthy, the world will start to manifest through our thoughts and actions. In my life, constant struggle and constant tension continued because I worked from belief of lack: Lack of appreciation for good things that did happen because I believed something bad was going to follow, or lack of financial freedom because I was scared to make money because I was taught it was a bad thing. It’s not that the world is a bad place, it was my perception of the world that CREATED MY REALITY. And these beliefs weren’t what I wanted, they were formed from past experiences. Development of my imagination has allowed me to see past the past, and imagine a healthy future that I could create.

Possible Solution
Taking time to journal and jot down my internal beliefs has opened a ton of doors and OPENED perspective to how I see situations. I’ve learned so much about what subconsciously was making my actions a hell of a lot harder, and with my open perspective I was able to begin to form new beliefs.

Journal: What are my current beliefs on the following:

  • Myself?
  • My abilities?
  • My purpose?
  • The world?
  • The future?
  • Money?
  • Other areas of my life?
  • How are these limiting me?
  • Is there anything that I can do to reverse this?

It’s good to take a good look at our beliefs. We may even find that good things are happening because we hold GREAT beliefs as well. The key is to see if they are in line with your PURPOSE.

Lack of Purpose

I always knew that I wanted to be successful. Who doesn’t? Success is a basic human need and we’re constantly looking for it. The problem was that I looked OUTSIDE myself for it. I looked to books to tell me what to do and and tried to choose careers based upon how much money I would make. But every time I would pick a new thing to focus on, I stopped as soon as it became challenging. Passion goes a long way because when you’re passionate you want to fix problems, and you have the courage to do it because you SEE how the obstacles you face elevate you.

“When you’re passionate you want to fix problems, and you have the courage to do it because you SEE how obstacles you face elevate you.”

See – (verb) To perceive mentally; discern; understand

Possible Solution:

Journal: Think about your life to date from as early as you can remember, and answer these questions:

  • At what times did you feel like nothing could stop you?
  • When did you feel the most passionate?
  • When did you feel like you were meant to do something?
  • When did you feel the most frustrated or stuck? Why?
  • Are there any solutions that you can offer?

Our purpose will do it’s best to manifest, and so those periods of time when we felt on fire is because we were in line with that purpose, and when we felt the most frustrated, it’s because we were not. When I was at my previous job, I was unhappy because I didn’t feel it was my purpose. Now that I’m teaching yoga, I have much more energy, and I want to solve problems and issues when they come up. When we feel like we’re in line with our purpose, it makes it much easier to help ourselves and others because we WANT to look for solutions.

“Our purpose’s job is to manifest, so those periods of time when we felt on fire is because we’re in line with it. When we feel the most tension, it’s because we’re not.”

Lack of use of imagination and reverse engineering

Even as I’ve found what I’m passionate about, what has excelled my growth faster (especially this year), has been my ability to utilize my imagination to see ahead and work backwards. Before, I survived one day at a time, only to find myself constantly feeling burnt out, but we’re wired to see a bigger picture (like a puzzle), and the sense of clear vision and imagination or CHAKRASIX is what makes us superhuman.

We have the ability to look into the future and see that the overcoming of each challenge is a shift in our range of happiness. The lack of seeing the big picture is what makes us feel lost. Having a clear imagination (or like Spongebob says it, Imaginaaaaaaaaaationnnnn) is like navigating a maze in lightness: Even though it may still be challenging, we can figure it out easier than if we try to navigate a maze in darkness.

We have a special ability to, using our purpose, think OUTSIDE of our current situation, and then work backwards, predicting the obstacles so that we are ready for them, while having more energy to handle curve balls when they arrive!

“We’re wired to see a bigger picture, and the sense of clear vision and imagination is what makes us superhuman.”

Superhuman – (adjective) above or beyond what is human; having a higher nature or greater powers 

Possible Solution:

Journal: My dream life in each of these areas would look like..

  • Relationships and Family?
  • Finances?
  • Career and Purpose?
  • Growth and Learning?
  • Social?
  • Any other areas you can think of.
  • How would you make this happen?

Write a Letter to Yourself from your Higher Self.

Close your eyes and picture yourself as your most successful version of yourself. Where are you? Where do you live? What kind of relationships do you have? How much money do you have in the bank? What kind of car are you driving? What does your house look like? Where are you working? How do you feel?

From this perspective, give yourself advice on how to work backwards, what kind of beliefs do you need to get rid of and have? What actions do you need to take? This exercise is really cool because it shows that instinctively you already know what you need and it connects you to the person that is going to get it done!

I’ve learned that our purpose, our beliefs, and our imagination play such a huge part in how our world manifests. If we take ownership of this side of ourselves, perhaps it can be a little bit easier to manifests what FEELS intuitively right. When we are in line with our purpose, and others are in line with theirs, the world can more easily become a happier place.

What is your biggest take away from today’s blog? Did anything resonate? Is there something you’d like to share? Comment below!

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